Room: Keats -L4 

09:00 - 17:00 


2 Days

Observing Kubernetes and your applications

So you've moving your applications and services to Kubernetes, but now you need to know if they're working, and when they're not working you need to understand why.


In this workshop, you'll go hands-on with Observability in the Kubernetes ecosystem to see how you can leverage OpenTelemetry and it's projects to build a robust and reliable platform for your applications.

We'll cover:

  • Automatic Code instrumentation using the operator.
  • The right way's to deploy OpenTelemetry collectors
  • How to Observe your observability
  • Various Collector configuration
  • Tail-Sampling
  • Using Kubernetes events to correlate application incidents
  • Using the Kubernetes context to correlate traces, logs, infrastructure metrics

This will be applicable to Application Engineers of any language (.NET, Python, Javascript, Java, etc.) as much as Platform Engineers. All you need is a basic knowledge of Kubernetes, a computer, and a desire to know what your code is doing when it's not on your machine.

Eli Holderness

Eli has been in tech since being released back into the wild from studying maths at university 7 years ago. They've spent their time working in industries ranging from telecoms to biotech to analog circuit design, continually getting nerd-sniped along the way. These days, they're a freelancer who speaks at conferences, runs workshops, and learns whatever they want. In their spare time, they like to play video games, knit and sew, and hang out with their cat.

Martin Thwaites

Martin is a Developer Advocate at Honeycomb, o11y enthusiast, and a delivery-focused Developer from the UK. With over 20 years experience in development in the .NET ecosystem, he’s worked with many companies on scaling up engineering teams and products. The past few years have been spent working on solving complex problems with some of the UK’s big names, including e-commerce retailers and credit lenders.