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Nikola Kovačević

Cloud Software Architect @ Sanofi

Hello. I’m Nikola and I'm an experienced software architect. I’m motivated by big problems, and if you’ve got some, I can help solve them.

I consider myself a problem solver, and an active thinker. Most of my time I am defining, designing, and implementing highly secure, highly available applications in cloud environments. I have been organizing the build process, getting user and customer feedback, and connecting the pieces into magnificent software solutions.

I love working with people to do things bigger than I could accomplish alone. Currently, I am working within the Sanofi IADC as a Cloud Software Architect. I’m passionate, expressive, a multi-talented developer with a natural ability to entertain and inspire.

Earlier, I worked as a Managing Officer | Principal Software Architect in Movilitas. I trained and led an amazing team of developers. Together we built a successful SaaS solution for the supply chain domain Movilitas.Cloud.

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