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Miriam Perrone

Assodem / MPe.Books

Assodem was founded to provide guidance and coaching to adults with an autism spectrum profile as well as to the people who live and/of work with them: employers and colleagues, their parents, life partner, children,...

Miriam Perrone was diagnosed with Asperger's in 2011 at the age of 31. People with Asperger's have an autism spectrum profile. Through self-study and professional coaching she gained meaningful insights into how an autistic brain functions, and how it does not. Since 2014 she has been giving lectures and training on autism spectrum profiles (ASP) throughout Flanders (BE). She further specialized in ASP and obtained the professional bachelor's degree 'Autism spectrum disorders' at the Artesis Plantijn University in Antwerp. Miriam is the author of the Dutch book 'Autisme glASShelder uitgelegd' (Garant, 2017).

In 2021 she founded MPe.Books and started publishing children's books by which she aims to help children to never stop loving and valuing themselves. To always cherish themselves. And to never unlearn... 'being'.

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