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Alessandro Di Gioia

Co-Founder & Sociotechnical Coach at Alcor Academy

With 20 years of experience in building software, Alessandro worked within companies ranging from small start-ups to large enterprises.
He helps companies embrace Agile Technical Practices in London where he currently resides, and previously in Italy and Norway.

Adopting Agile methodologies, especially eXtreme Programming reshaped the way he builds software and thinks about the whole lifecycle of the solutions he delivers from inception to delivery.
He likes concise, expressive, and readable code as well as pragmatically improving existing solutions.

He is passionate about developing and designing OO and functional code. Using his skills to lead digital transformation through cultural change and architectural evolution to scalable distributed asynchronous systems.

Being a continuous learner, he loves to share his experience with others through coaching, mentoring, delivering workshops and talks

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