Room 5

15:00 - 16:00 (UTC±00)

Talk (60 min)

Zero to Document Hero - Intro to MongoDB and .NET

Once upon a time, relational databases or RDMS (think SQL), was the only data store in town. But now there’s a competitor, Document Databases aka NoSQL. In this talk, you will learn about the basic differences between them, what MongoDB is, why document databases are so powerful, how MongoDB can be used with .NET and some really cool uses cases that show databases can be cool ;). By the end of the talk, you should walk away realising that SQL isn't the only way.


Luce Carter

Luce is a proudly neurodiverse Microsoft MVP, Twilio Champion and software developer based in Manchester, England.

She works as a Developer Advocate at MongoDB. When not writing mobile apps for fun in her spare time, she speaks around the UK and Europe at user groups and conferences, curates the Weekly Xamarin newsletter, occasionally streams, and writes on her blog.

Follow Luce on Twitter @LuceCarter1 and also her Blog at