Room 1 - Level 3 

13:40 - 14:40 


Talk (60 min)

Understand the Next Phase of Web Development

It’s 2024, and the web continues to dominate the software landscape. Innovation proceeds in all directions, with new frameworks, build systems, and architectural patterns emerging at pace. But where are we all heading? Is there a pattern? What’s the next big phase?


In this demo-centric talk we’ll look at the common trends across web frameworks: disruptive new features that are showing up across technologies and changing how web apps are built. We’ll dig into live code examples in Next.js (React), SvelteKit, Blazor, Astro, and more. We’ll see how these and others are setting a similar path for the next phase of web technology – and how you could implement the same features yourself without any framework.

Finally, we’ll catch up on the state of WebAssembly and try out WASI preview 2 – the upcoming reinvention of WASI. Will it achieve the dream of seamless interop across all languages, operating systems, and CPU architectures? Will it become the standard for server-side cloud programming? Let’s build something with it!

Steve Sanderson

Steve is a developer/architect at Microsoft on the .NET team, with a particular focus on web technology. He’s best known for originally creating Blazor – the current leading .NET web UI framework – and before that knockout.js, one of the first wave of JS client-rendering frameworks. He loves discovering or creating new innovations to move technology forwards, and finding ways to communicate where things are heading through demo-centric conference talks.