Room 2 

15:00 - 16:00 


Talk (60 min)

The global future of work - inspiration/ insight from emerging markets

The popular narrative on "The Future of Work" often leaves out a significant proverbial elephant in the room - Africa! By 2050, almost 40% of the world's young workforce will be African! Having traditionally underperformed on the global economic stage, the widespread proliferation of mobile and access to high speed internet is transforming the Continent and in-turn the global workforce.

Join this session to hear about the factors influencing the rise of African talent and the African consumer and the significant impact it will have on the tech sector as we know it; learn how to understand, adjust and to get ahead of the curve.

Charles Sekwalor

Charles Sekwalor is a serial entrepreneur and advisor on a mission to change and influence lives through small businesses and investment. Notably, he is the CEO and founder of Movemeback, a community that connects professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and influencers with inspiring opportunities in Africa. He’s on a mission to drive economic and social growth through individuals and organizations.