Room 5 

17:40 - 18:40 


Talk (60 min)

Supercharge your team by building clarity, not consensus

In our pursuit of effective decision-making, building consensus is often seen as a worthy, if not noble, goal. However, the consensus-building process can sometimes conceal hidden costs and hinder a team's ability to achieve its long-term objectives.

Soft Skills
Work skills

In this presentation, we will dive into the complexities of decision-making within teams and organizations. We will challenge the conventional wisdom that consensus should always be the ultimate aim and propose a paradigm shift towards prioritizing clarity as a more effective decision-making strategy.

We will discuss real-world examples to demonstrate the tangible benefits of this approach, including enhanced understanding of objectives, improved alignment with organizational goals, faster and more efficient decision-making, and increased accountability and ownership among team members.

To equip our audience with the tools needed for implementing this transformative strategy, we will also share resources, decision-making frameworks, and training opportunities that can facilitate the transition towards a clarity-focused decision-making culture.

Attendees will be equipped with a fresh perspective on decision-making that challenges the status quo. Participants will be empowered to embrace clarity as a powerful and practical strategy for achieving their long-term objectives, whether in the workplace or other collaborative settings.

DeeDee Lavinder

DeeDee is an Engineering Manager, Interim Engineering Lead for GitHub Education, and Director with Women Who Code. She is a passionate software engineering professional with 20+ years of diverse and progressive experience in software development, engineering management, and organizational strategy. She is happiest at the intersection of analytical thinking and creative problem-solving and is thrilled about finding that sweet spot in technology. Previously, DeeDee led the life of an entrepreneur and small business owner managing a community-focused store for new families. Over the past decade, she has spent hundreds of hours as a teacher and facilitator for comprehensive sexuality education for young people. When not working or volunteering, she can be found listening to audiobooks while sewing, working in the garden, or coordinating something somewhere.