Room 4 - Level 4 

16:20 - 17:20 


Workshop (60 min)

Part 2/2: REST APIs versioning Hands On!

When we want to publish APIs, for instance using an API (Application Programmable Interface) Management solution, we regularly think about versioning.


This practice meets project management needs but brings a lot of complexity.
Imagine, you work on a platform which exposes APIs to many customers.

You must bring new features while controlling the existing ones.

How to deliver new functionalities to specific customers without affecting the others?

Throughout this workshop you will (re)discover and apply advice I have put in place and helped me during my last projects.

Through a real-life use case based on a microservices architecture, we will define the best strategy to put in place, the other potential ones and their constraints.

We will challenge them implementing new features for a new customer in this application.

At the end of this presentation, we will have the big picture and put into practice diverse ways of APIs versioning.

Alexandre Touret

After almost twenty years in IT in Paris then Tours, I joined equensWorldline as software architect at the Acquiring department since 2018. All along my career, I had the opportunity to work on several functional and technical fields (development, architecture, production, ERP, training,...) and project management too. My business activity consists of coding, coaching developers and designing software architectures. Moreover, I appreciate sharing my skills and learning from my peers. My main expertise fields are software architecture and engineering.