Track 4 

11:40 - 12:40 


Talk (60 min)

Postponing architectural choices and start developing first with Dapr

When starting a new project, we tend to make a lot of architectural choices when it comes to components like (relational) databases, service busses, and deployment models like cloud and/or on premises. Most of the choices will be based on past experiences and upfront assumptions. But are they part of the right solution to your current challenge? When you discover it is not the right fit, are you still able to change your code to use the better tool? Or is it now too expensive to change? What if we could postpone our choices and just can start developing the right solution first, and pick the right dependencies when we know which those are, or maybe even keep it open until it is time to launch. Dapr is a distributed application runtime which promises us we can postpone our decisions until we know what the right decision is. In this session we will discover how that is possible.


Michaël Hompus

Michaël Hompus is an Architect and Area Lead at Info Support.

As architect he is part of several teams, realizing new and innovative solutions, preferable using the Microsoft Cloud.
Michaël has many years of development experience with dotnet, Java, Azure, DevOps, Office and Dynamics 365.

His passion is to share knowledge, with colleagues, customers, and peers.

Microsoft has recognized his efforts for the community by awarding him a Microsoft MVP award.