Room 5 

10:20 - 11:20 


Talk (60 min)

Overcoming A/B testing challenges and pitfalls

This sessions is going to give an overview of what A/B testing is. I will cover how to work with cross-functional partners to set up a test and analyse it.

Big Data

Finally, I will talk about how to make a decision based on the test results. I will go into depth about the most common challenges and pitfalls that I have experienced throughout my career and how to avoid making the most common mistakes. After the talk, you will know what to do when someone asks you to analyse an experiment you haven't designed, how to deal with partners asking for 'directional data' and how to work successfully with engineering to ensure each test is set up correctly.

Kasia Rachuta

Kasia is a sales analytics manager at Square where she helps to make data-driven decision with her team. Previously, she worked on ECOM and infrastructure teams at the same company in data science roles. Her prior experiences include working at Medium and FiveStars. In her roles, she's run a lot of A/B tests to help make informed product decisions and has been involved in company-wide initiatives for A/B testing. In her spare time, Kasia enjoys traveling, scuba diving and reading.