Lightning Talks

12:50 - 13:35 (UTC±00)

Talk (45 min)

Lightning Talks

Lightning talks (approx 10-15 minutes each)


Talk 1: Rate limits, resources and rage — innovative solutions to scaling on the Jamstack (with no budget) - Salma Alam-Naylor
The Jamstack is a powerful architecture to build, deploy and innovate faster than ever. But what do you do when you’re rate-limited by your API, resource-limited by your hosting provider, and have no budget to scale? Can you make it work?

Join whitep4nth3r to explore the evolution and scale of a project on the Jamstack, how rage-inducing problems often require ridiculous solutions, and how everything worked out in the end.

Talk 2: API design for Front-end engineers - Teresa Wu
API is the first user experience of your application; the design should come first before the implementation. Therefore the API design is equally important to front-end engineers as it does for backend engineers.

In this talk, I will talk about the "API-First" concept and walk you through the important aspects of API design from the FE engineer's view, including URL structure, HTTP method, API versioning, JSON syntax, and the flow of API-First design.

Talk 3: Brewing Tea Over HTTP - Imran Nazar
The author of RFC 7168 explores the history of HTTP and network-connected coffeepots, and describes the tea-brewing extensions added to Hypertext Coffeepot Control Protocol.

Salma Alam-Naylor

Salma — or whitep4nth3r — helps developers build stuff, learn things and love what they do. With a background in music, teaching and comedy, and after a career as a front end developer and lead engineer, Salma is now a member of the Developer Relations team at Contentful. She is a live coding streamer, content creator, and relentless advocate for building a truly accessible web. Founder of, her projects revolve around activism for social change and equality in the technology industry, and her expertise is the Jamstack and related front end web technologies.

teresa wu

Coming from the East side of the world, Teresa is passionate about mobile applications and Cloud technologies, she has been working with many talented developers to craft various apps and projects throughout the years. Teresa likes to explore the world of multi-platform, the fun of continues delivery, testing automation and much more.

Imran Nazar

Imran spends most of his time in the React/TypeScript world, but comes from a background in 8-bit programming and emulator development; his passion is to find fun projects that span multiple fields of development.