Room 2 

11:40 - 12:40 


Talk (60 min)

Integration, integration, integration

Some code is mostly self-contained, working purely with computations. Full applications tend to have to integrate with other systems, however - and some applications do very little other than gluing together multiple systems. Sometimes that's been seen in a negative light within the development community, and unfairly so - these integrations provide huge amounts of value.

Soft Skills

Pre-pandemic, Jon spent a huge amount of time writing code to interact with his drum kit - and then other instruments, providing a rich configuration editing experience. Within the pandemic, he found opportunities to help his local church to reduce some of the friction introduced in remote worship services, and then explore post-pandemic possibilities. In this talk, Jon will explore some of the lessons he's learned interacting with a diverse array of hardware devices, as well his experiences of building user interfaces as someone who really doesn't have UI design skills, for relatively non-technical users. Hopefully some of the joy and fun of integration will rub off too, and you'll be encouraged to find opportunities to make a big difference with a small amount of integration.

Jon Skeet

Jon Skeet is a Staff Developer Platform Engineer at Google, working on Google Cloud Platform client libraries for .NET, based in the London office. (That's the theory, anyway. Most of the time he works from his shed instead.) He's best known for contributions to Stack Overflow as well as his book, C# in Depth. Additionally he is the primary maintainer of the Noda Time date/time library for .NET.

Outside of software, Jon is a committed Christian, and enjoys theatre (particularly musical theatre), playing board games, and spending time with his amazing family.