11:40 - 12:40 


Talk (60 min)

How to use Microsoft's Graph API

Microsoft's Graph is a RESTful web API that enables you to access Microsoft Cloud service resources. These span from Office 365 apps and data, Microsoft Security, Microsoft Azure services and all the data held within.

The Graph API is essential to programmatically engage with the Microsoft cloud and automate boring administrative tasks, create templates for complicate tasks and or essentially freeing up your time with mundane activity to do more fun interesting things.

The workshop will cover the following:
Introduce facilitators
Setup your own demo M365 Developer Tenant
What is Graph API
What can it do?
Introduce Graph API Reference
Introduce the Graph Explorer
- Activity to use Graph Explorer
Application Registration, what is it and why?
Register an Azure AD Web Application
- Activity: Register an application in Azure AD
Defining Application Scope
- Activity: Grant access to M365 tenant
Authentication Methods
- Activity: Set a password
- Activity: Use a certificate to authenticate
Postman for API development
- Activity: Setup postman to use with Graph API
- Activity: Querying Graph API with Postman
Using scripts with Graph API (PowerShell/Python)
- Activity: Writing scripts to engage with Graph API
- Activity: Writing scripts to GET data
- Activity: Writing scripts to PUT data
Securing your password
- Activity: Methods to protect client secrets
Securing the application authentication
- Activity: Restricting access to application with conditional access.

All participants will get access to a GitHub repository with full instructions, workbook to follow, example scripts and links to supporting documentation.

While Microsoft Graph is the vehicle being used in this session the lessons learned will allow the participant to connect to and use any other RESTful API with confidence.

The participants will learn how to use Graph API to simplify their daily tasks and have the start of a journey in programmatically evolving their job.

George Coldham

George has been a tech geek for more than 20 years with a passion for technology and the Internet.

I love learning, teaching and growing. Cyber Security Cloud Solution Architect by day, gamer by night I am happiest when I'm being social and adding value to those around me.

I have a broad range of interests in technology starting in hardware and infrastructure, maturing into cloud, devops and code, cyber security with both red and blue team activities and finally augmented, virtual and mixed reality.

Michelle Sandford

Tedx Speaker, Tech Girl Superhero, Microsoftie and one of MCV's 30 Most Influential Women in Games. I am a Technology Evangelist who acts as an API between technology and the world. I advocate for STEM, the Games Industry and Developers. I present at around 50 Conferences and Events around the world on Technology, Social Media, Inclusion and Gaming.