Room 3 - Level 4 

11:40 - 12:40 


Talk (60 min)

Faster, Cheaper, Greener: Pick Three

In this talk, I will share the journey we took at FundApps to build a more sustainable future for our planet, and our business, by rearchitecting the core of our platform from a self-hosted, long-lived, single-process application to a cloud-native, distributed architecture in AWS.


FundApps provides compliance as a service to the investment management industry. Monitoring over 15% of the global AuM for shareholding disclosure every day. Four years ago, we were at the stage where our core service was not working optimally for a significant number of our clients. Clients experienced unpredictable runtimes, slow runtimes and even batch process failures. And it was a sales barrier.

We decided to take the plunge and rearchitect the platform - and as a B-Corp, demonstrating our commitment to social and environmental performance, we did so while focusing on scale and sustainability. This is the story of how we did it.

Lea Mladineo

Passionate technologist that loves to get people together to solve problems.

With about ten years of working as a software engineer, Lea has been working in London as a C# backend engineer, delivering value to FundApps' clients for the last five years.