Room 6

13:40 - 14:40 (UTC±00)

Talk (60 min)

Entity Framework (Core) Unchained: Getting the Best Performance from Your ORM

Entity Framework makes data access in .NET applications as easy as defining some classes, adding a connection string, and writing some LINQ statements. But listen to developers and database administrators and you will find that taking the naive approach leads to poor performance, bloated databases, elaborate workarounds, and general dissatisfaction with the technology. It doesn't have to be this way! Behind the simple facade, Entity Framework gives us multiple options for tuning our data access and improving performance. In this talk, you will learn configuration options and access patterns that can help improve performance. You will also learn what features in Entity Framework to use judiciously or avoid entirely. Next, you will learn some strategies for structuring your database in ways that both improve performance and simplify your application code. Lastly, you will learn some tipping points about when you should discard Entity Framework entirely.


Dan Mallott

Dan Mallott is a Chicago-based consultant for West Monroe Partners in their Technology Practice. His passion is for distributed architecture, designing and building high performing service layers from the API down to the database.

Recent projects have included a new API and UI written in .NET CORE for a large international insurance broker that allows for insurance carriers to easily view upcoming renewing policies and developing a Kafka-based Customer 360-degree View solution for a mid-sized US health insurer.

Past speaking engagements have included NDC Sydney, Cream City Code, Chicago Code Camp, PASS Summit, and numerous SQL Saturdays throughout the US.

In his spare time, he can be found writing his own software instead of using package solutions or on the ice as an ice hockey player and referee.