Track 4 

15:00 - 16:00 


Talk (60 min)

DevOps for Your Relational Database Foundations

Real applications persist data. From small departmental apps to large scale enterprises, right or wrong, the data is stored in a relational database like Microsoft SQL Server. How do you manage the necessary changes to the database (structure, programmable objects) to support your applications? How do you track these changes and follow a change from development to test to production? To be successful, you need an effective plan.


In this session, you'll learn where the SQL Server database fits in to DevOps, and how you can use tools to extend your infrastructure to make the database a first-class citizen, just like your source code. You'll see how to track changes with version control; create update packages; and deploy to multiple environments with complete automation like development, test, UAT, and production.

Brian Randell

Brian A. Randell is a partner with MCW Technologies, LLC. You can find him writing code—mostly C# and T-SQL—and helping teams via consulting and training on DevOps. He’s co-authored a couple of books, written some articles you might have read, and speaks regularly at conferences including VSLive where he’s a co-chair. When he’s not working, Brian enjoys spending time with his wife of 25 years, two children, and their dog; as well as driving his M5, listening to old and new “heavy metal”.
You can reach Brian via Twitter, @brianrandell, read his thoughts at, and listen to his occasional podcast with Mickey Gousset via