13:40 - 14:40 


Talk (60 min)

Build and Deploy a Fullstack App with Open Source Tooling

As fullstack developers, we write a lot of duplicate & boilerplate code for everyday things such as simple database CRUD, data validation, authorization, and data-type conversions. How can we use a modern web architecture but still maintain our code DRY and increase productivity? In this workshop, we'll turn a front-end React app into a full-stack app with code that is easy to write, follow, and, most importantly - maintain. We’ll use: React, NodeJS, Express, Postgres and Remult to: - Introduce a Fullstack React App - Demonstrate common pains and errors -- Duplication of types -- Typing errors -- Routing Errors -- Validation errors -- Authentication Errors -- Boilerplate -- Repetitive Tasks We'll then get started with building a fullstack React App with open source tools while enabling: - Reuse of Types - (REST) API Endpoints - Validation - Authentication - Maintenance You’ll come away from this workshop with the tools to build a fullstack app easily with OSS tooling.

Noam Honig

Coder, open-sourcerer, developer experience enthusiast, software architect, and entrepreneur. At work, I oversee and consult in enterprise legacy systems modernization for fortune 500s to small businesses. Outside work I love helping NGOs as a full-stack developer and mentor.