Room 4 

13:40 - 14:40 


Talk (60 min)

An Infrastructure as Code Bake-off, comparing ARM, Terraform and Bicep

Infrastructure as Code comes in many flavors, and the Azure Cloud's default deployment templates work with Azure Resource Manager (ARM) to define and deploy infrastructure.

Programming Languages

Working with the JSON format of ARM can be challenging, but Microsoft has introduced a language processor called Bicep which generates ARM as output. At the same time there are other options, including scripting tools, Terraform, Pulumi, Ansible and others. In this session we'll compare creating infrastructure using ARM, Terraform and Bicep, and compare pros and cons to each.

Mike Benkovich

A developer, business owner, consultant, cloud architect, Microsoft Azure MVP and an online instructor, Mike Benkovich is an alumni of Microsoft from 2004 to 2012 where he helped build developer communities across the US, thru work on Microsoft Across America, MSDN Events, MSDN Webcasts, DPE and Channel 9. He's helped to create and grow developer conferences and user groups in various cities across the US. While at Microsoft he helped create the Azure Boot Camp events that were run in cities across the US and at PDC and TechEd before it was transferred to the community. In 2009 he started a Toastmaster club for Geeks called TechMasters in Minneapolis where we still grow speakers for Conferences. He's a LinkedIn Learning Instructor for Azure, have developed many online courses. Mike actively works in Azure Cloud Governance, DevOps, Application Architecture and Software Delivery consulting.